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Looks like there’s no letup to the slump in vehicle sales in Malaysia just yet – we’ve managed to compile sales data via the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) for the month of September by brand to put against figures obtained in the month before. On the whole, vehicle sales for the month of September 2015 totalled at 51,106 units – a slump of 2,346 units compared to the month of August 2015.

On the local front, sales of Perodua cars have slipped by 13.4% with a total of 14,479 units sold in September as opposed to 16,589 in August. Proton has also witnessed a bit of a slump with only 8,723 units sold compared to 9,040 in the month before. Not the case with foreign players, however – Honda moved a total of 7,519 vehicles compared to 6,853 in August which equated to a rise of 9.7%.

Also enjoying a good month is Mazda with 1,279 units sold as opposed to 1,192 in August – a hike of 9%. As for German manufacturers, both Audi and BMW appear to be recording healthy figures with a total of 126 and 747 units sold this month as compared to 103 and 700 units from August, respectively. As a result of said figures, Audi has seen a hike of 22.3% in terms of sales.

With that said, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have both fallen with the former recording only a sales total of 1,023 and 441 units as compared to 1,033 and 663 units, respectively. The latter marque is the hardest hit of all major German brands with sales falling by 33.5%.

It has to be said that Honda remains as the top foreign player with 66,411 units sold year-to-date as of September 2015 when compared to its nearest competitor, Toyota. The latter managed only 62,097 units in the same period. For a more in-depth look at the figures chalked up by all brands, do refer to the chart below.