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Following last year’s BMW Malaysia warranty upgrade to five years with unlimited mileage, MINI Malaysia cars registered from January 1, 2016 will now enjoy four years unlimited mileage warranty.

This is a big upgrade from MINI’s previous two year unlimited mileage warranty, which was upgradable to 3 years or 50,000 km with the MINI Service Inclusive FIX package.

The new scheme includes a four year or 60,000 km free service package based on MINI’s Condition-Based Service schedule which includes engine oil, air filter, micro filter, spark plugs and brake fluids. Compared to the outgoing MINI Service Inclusive FIX package, the new free service scheme excludes windshield wipers, brake discs and brake pads.

Cars registered before 2016 will continue to have the previous warranty program applicable, however owners of cars registered in December 2015 will have the option of upgrading to the new four year warranty while keeping the original MINI Service Inclusive FIX package.