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The Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA) has released the overall vehicle sales data for 2015. All-in-all, 2015 saw a total of 666,674 vehicles sold. On the local front, Perodua takes the number one spot with a total of 213,307 vehicles sold from January to December, 2015, claiming a market share of 32%. Proton comes in second with 102,175 vehicles sold in the same year, attaining an overall market share of 15.3%.

Honda showed strong results with 94,902 passenger vehicles sold. The brand comes in at third, topping Toyota, in fourth place with a total of 93,902 units sold (commercial vehicles included). Nissan comes in at fifth with 47,235 vehicles delivered, while Mazda takes the sixth spot with a total of 14,325 vehicles delivered.

Thanks to its commercial vehicles, Ford takes eighth place, beating Mitsubishi in ninth place with 12,130 units and 11,076 units sold respectively. Elsewhere, Volkswagen (ranked at 12th, 6,405 units) has fallen behind Mercedes-Benz (ranked at 10th place, 11,034 units) and BMW (ranked at 11th, 7,515 units). Volkswagen however, still tops Hyundai-Inokom (ranked 13th, 6,286 units).

That said, In terms of commercial vehicles, Toyota takes the lead, with a total of 28,465 units claiming a market share of 37.8%, beating Isuzu, in second place with 12,224 commercial vehicles sold (market share of 16.2%). As mentioned, it’s a good year for Ford as it managed to sell a total of 9,264 commercial vehicles, putting it in third and claiming a total market share of 12.3% in regards to this segment.

Refer to the table below for the full sales data.

MAA 2015 sales data-01-2