2016 Toyota Fortuner debuts in Indonesia – RM139k

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The new Toyota Fortuner SUV has finally been launched in Indonesia. The second-generation Hilux-based seven-seater SUV, which has been redesigned for a sleeker look, a more premium interior and a new range of engines has been confirmed to have a starting price of 422 million rupiah (RM139k).

A total of six variants have been made available for the Indonesian market, with prices ranging from 422 million rupiah (RM139k) for the 2.4 G 4×2 manual variant, leading all the way up to 631.5 million rupiah (RM199k) for the top-spec 2.4 VRZ 4×4 automatic.

  • 2.4 G 4×2 MT: 442,000,000 Rp. (RM139k)
  • 2.4 G 4×2 AT: 460,000,000 Rp. (RM144k)
  • 2.4 VRZ 4×2 AT: 494,000,000 Rp. (RM155k)
  • 2.7 SRZ 4×2 AT: 509,100,000 Rp. (RM160k)
  • 2.4 G 4×4 AT: 557,000,000 Rp. (RM175k)
  • 2.4 VRZ 4×4 AT: 631,500,000 Rp. (RM199k)

Five of the six available variants will feature Toyota’s new 149 PS/400 Nm 2.4 litre 2GD-FTV turbo diesel engines. On the other hand, just one variant of the six will get the brand’s new 163 PS/242 Nm 2.7 litre four-cylinder Dual-VVTi petrol engine.

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Only the base Fortuner variant gets the six-speed manual transmission with rev-matching technology. The remaining five all offer six-speed torque converter autos with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Four variants here are equipped with rear-wheel drive configurations, leaving just the two top-spec 2.4 VRZ and 2.4 G with four-wheel drive systems.

On the outside, the lower-spec 2.4 G 4×2, for example, settles for basic items such as front projector headlamps with halogen bulbs and 17-inch alloy wheels, but still benefit from electric folding wing mirrors with LED turn signals, a rear spoiler and a shark fin antenna.

The higher-spec variants, such as the 2.4 VRZ 4×4 get LED headlamps with daytime running lights, larger 18-inch alloy wheels and even a powered rear liftgate with a memory function.

Inside, lesser variants get brown fabric upholstery, but still have a reverse camera and a multifunction steering wheel with audio, telephone and voice control buttons. At the upper end of the spectrum, variants like the 2.4 VRZ 4×4 enjoy the additional dark brown leather upholstery, Easy 4×4 Switch, a 4WD Indicator, engine start/stop button and more.

The VRZ and SRZ variants also get an entertainment system equipped with navigation. The central display screen offers Air Gesture control, a web browser, smartphone and HDMI connectivity and voice command controls. The two variants also get a rear-seat entertainment system in the form of a roof-mounted screen.

Safety-wise, the four 4×2 variants get ABS and EBD braking systems and Isofix child seat anchors. The top-spec 2.4 VRZ 4×4 is the only variant here with the full suite of safety options. This includes Vehicle Stability Control, Hill-Assist Control, Emergency Brake Signal, A-TRC anti wheel-slip control and Brake Assist. Additionally, the top-spec Fortuner gets dual front, side, knee and curtain airbags for a total count of seven. The rest settle for just the dual front airbags.

GALLERY: 2016 Toyota Fortuner in Australia

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  • Toyota Moving Coffin on Jan 22, 2016 at 11:38 am

    In overseas, especially Indonesia, Toyota is highly respected. But in Malaysia, Toyota now has become a laughing stock. If you buy one, people secretly laugh at you thinking you are the dumbest person in town cause the Toyota is heavily stripped of its safety features. Now somemore, Picanto, comes with 6 airbags and can be safer than a Camry!

    Malaysians already now know how Toyota has been cheating people. Until today, even RM165k Camry got no VSC and only 2 airbags. Paultan already wrote long article how vital VSC is 3 years ago and yet UMW don’t care a damn for our lives.

    Global price of Camry 2.5 with 10 airbags and VSC is US$22,000. Besides VSC and 10 airbags, the global Camry has about 20 other safety features that is NOT in our Camry. These features are standard and free on the global Camry. our Camry RM160k also no VSC, and only 2 airbags.

    UMW don’t care about your life. you die or vegetable, they don’t care, janji untung lebih. they take out safety features to save cost. Yet, they charge us 3x the global price of US$22k. We buy for RM180k a heavily stripped down car. Same with Altis. Same with Vios.
    Worse still, it is CKD and Made in Malaysia. The price is even cheaper. If US Toyota is sold at US22k and still make a profit, you can bet that UMW will get this car at country distributor price of US15k. CKD it, it will be US$12k (about RM40k). But they sell to Malaysians for RM180k.

    Camry Hybrid even better. US$26k. Come to Malaysia no tax. But sold for RM175k.

    How to buy a Hilux with a hood for RM140k?

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    • Why are malaysian so fixated with the number of airbags? Airbag are SRS. SRS means Supplementary Restrain System. They are there to help minimise further injuries (head bud for those who dont proper sit adjectments/ broken glass/ flying debris etc). The two most important airbags to have are the two front ones. Thank goodness belt pre tensioners are standard, because that really saves lifes. Sit properly, wear your safety belt, dont drive like an ass and you will do fine.

      Personally, I rather just have two front airbags and a damn good engineered chassis with excellent side impact structural integrity.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 27
      • Alamak on Jan 22, 2016 at 3:33 pm

        Yes, you are right. SRS is for supplementary but you have to understand it is a complete package that we are talking about. Go read up more on laws of physics.

        A well engineered chassis and good structural integrity is very important. As with the traction control, ABS, emergency stop, air bags, front and rear sensors, rear camera etc etc etc.

        A human body did not evolve within a short time for such a high vector change (crashing). That is why we need these things to continuously upgrade and improve. Going by your explanation, then we do not even need seat belts because seat belts do not save a person’s life in every case of accident.

        Of course all this is also useless if the driver has a bad attitude and poor driving skills.

        If you do not want improvement, can I suggest you continue walking.

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    • Sam Loo (ori1) on Jan 22, 2016 at 8:10 pm

      That buggers 19 month old Elantra only received RM20k offer. Thats why so dulan about sushi cars RV

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    • You are more stupid than what you look is

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  • Hilux with Carryboy Top on Jan 22, 2016 at 11:43 am

    Come to Malaysia, that will be RM189k. We are always about RM50k more than Indonesia. So, how to pay for a hilux with a carryboy hood RM189k??

    Why isn’t car prices going down? Very simple. It is because of Songlapping. Malaysia is actually a very rich country IF there is no songlapping. Malaysia is far richer than Singapore because we got oil, gas, tin, rubber, gold, bauxite, iron, kelapa, kurpum, copper etc. Singapore has ZERO. Why is Singapore richer than Malaysia? Again, very simple, it is because of Songlapping.

    In Malaysia, nearly all car companies are Government owned. Either directly or indirectly. And because of Songlapping, the Government needs to hantam the rakyat puas puas to get revenue.

    One man can songlap RM2.6 billion is just one news we know. What about the other times he songlap that we don’t know about? I think it runs to hundreds of billions.

    Taib songlap US$20 billion (RM84 billion) also nothing happen to him. Infact he was rewarded for his songlap and made Governor and given a Tunship. In Malaysia, you are rewarded for songlapping.

    What about the songlaps by the other Menteri and Government officials?
    It all runs to hundreds of billions per annum the Songlap.

    This is why we get higher car prices, higher tolls and higher fuel prices every year. Our guardians are more interested in Songlapping than fighting for the rakyat to get lower car prices, lower petrol prices and low toll charges.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 8
    • kipid on Jan 22, 2016 at 2:24 pm

      even this guy sound ridiculous, but what he say is true , if you go read online international financial article about ringgit depreciation one of the factor that worsen our ringgit is 1mdb . the scandal widely spread to Australia, usa . outside investor dont want to invest anymore, cause our economy goes down, hence ringgit is also weaker.

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    • TLDR. Nope. We get higher car prices cuz we have 300k pipu who dun mind paying for over-priced moving coffins

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  • smpi cni mesti mahal giler

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  • Sammy Loo on Jan 22, 2016 at 11:59 am

    Good RV. I will buy one for my son to replace his saga.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 13
    • BeemerFreak on Jan 23, 2016 at 12:28 pm

      Remember to buy a coffin in it as well, he might not survive

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  • Pak Malau on Jan 22, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Saya pun nak sebiji

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  • Taximan on Jan 22, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    Who cares about stupid airbags, even if the car got 20 airbags u will still kaput if u drive like tbose low claaa mentaliyy people or tink u r driving a BMW ( but in reality only Mivi, God car or Korean junk)

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    • Wut happen to camry at LPT can be avoided if vsc or esp installed in the car

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  • 300k pipu says they dun mind buying under-spec, no safety, no real value, moving coffins. This cuz toyota salesmen Sam, Albert, & George Abdul (aka SAGA) conned them that their T badge and Hi-RV will protect them from accidents, they will be respected as upper keras pipu, and buying toyota means supporting Party Hard.

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  • Sammy Loo on Jan 22, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    best workhorse SUV, reliable, durable and good RV

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  • gaviny on Jan 22, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    i wonder what will be umw’s excuse to retain old engines for malaysia ?

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  • Correction: All variants now get three airbags as a standard feature (2 Airbags + Driver Knee), not 2.

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  • Sam Loo (ori1) on Jan 22, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    Don’t buy sushi cars.

    Consider a used kimchi, very dai mai

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  • Sam low on Jan 23, 2016 at 9:43 am

    keep whining hard hater,ppl r still buying toyota and still one of most selling brand on earth.

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