Renault has received a stern warning from the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) over a “serious misinterpretation of crash test results appearing in Renault advertising.”

The vehicle safety authority pointed out in an open letter that a Renault advertisement (seen above) in Uruguay makes it seem that its third-gen Renault Megane has a five-star rating by the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP).

Global NCAP explains that Euro NCAP results for the Megane should not be used in Latin America because the region has its own independent NCAP body. Latin NCAP has been operating and testing cars from Latin America for the last five years now.

The Renault Megane has never been tested by Latin NCAP, and Global NCAP secretary general, David Ward, writes that there is no certainty that the Megane sold in Latin America will in fact earn a five-star safety rating. Ward continues to say that the advert is therefore “highly misleading to car buyers.”


The Global NCAP secretary general requested that Renault withdraw the advert immediately and issue an apology to Euro NCAP for misusing their results. He also recommended that Renault provide a Latin America-spec Megane to Latin NCAP for an accurate safety rating for the region.

“Misuse of NCAP ratings not only confuses the public it also is unfair to your competitors, particularly those companies that have earned five-star ratings in Latin NCAP,” wrote Ward in his letter to Renault chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn.

“Your corporate website is proud to highlight the number of five star results the company has obtained from Euro NCAP but entirely ignores Latin NCAP. Perhaps this is because Renault has yet to achieve a single five-star result for any of its models sold in Latin America. So rather than publishing misleading adverts would it not be better for Renault to try to achieve its own first genuine five-star rating in Latin NCAP?” he concludes.

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