One of the more popular MPVs offered to Malaysians is the Proton Exora. Launched back in 2009, the seven-seater has received a series of mechanical and aesthetic upgrades over the years to keep it fresh for the market. However, there’s no denying that the MPV is a little old by now, and a new model should be in Proton’s pipeline, right?

According to Proton chairman, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a new Exora is expected to appear after the launch of three other models in 2016, namely the new Perdana, Saga and Persona. This is because the chairman wants to ascertain the public’s response to the new models before deciding what needs to be done with the new Exora.

Proton wants to avoid the fiasco involving the Preve, which was rushed to market, resulting in less than favourable opinions of it. Tun Mahathir admits that even the Exora wasn’t perfect at the start, requiring modifications in its continued life cycle to answer the complaints from consumers, like the introduction of the turbocharged CFE engine to cope with its heft.

The new Exora will wear a reshaped body which may not be of an in-house Proton design, but an outsourced job instead. Nonetheless, Tun Mahathir admits that what may look good to his eyes initially, others may not share the same sentiment. Therefore, rather than rush out the first design of a new Exora that impresses him, Proton will take the liberty of ensuring it gets things right before revealing the product, as exemplified with the new Perdana.