Current Honda Freed

Honda has confirmed that it will reveal a full model change of the Honda Freed MPV this year. The carmaker’s president & CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, briefly mentioned the news during his recent speech which detailed the company’s future outlook.

Speaking about strengthening the production and sales of key regionally-relevant Honda models, Hachigo used the next-generation Freed as an example when speaking about his plans for Japan.

No further mention was made of the next-gen Freed, though, leaving matters well in the dark for now. Currently, we know that the Honda Freed is only produced and assembled in Japan and Indonesia. Very few markets outside of the two countries have the model for sale — Hong Kong is the only other market to officially have the Freed on sale.

The Honda Freed was once sold in Malaysia as well. Positioned as a “premium compact MPV” here, the model made its local debut in 2010, priced at RM112,980. In 2013, two variants of the facelift version were launched, priced at RM99,800 and RM113,500. Poor demand for the tall MPV saw Honda Malaysia discontinue sales of it here.

GALLERY: Current-gen Honda Freed MPV