Koenigsegg Agera Final One of 1-1

Described as a “limited edition of considerable importance,” the Koenigsegg Agera Final One of 1 is the last of the Agera model line. It is however, the first of the exclusive Agera Final programme, which gives an owner the utmost freedom to specify the design and specs of custom-made parts of their car. Limited to three models only, it also draws on the success of the Agera RS.

As for the “One of 1,” name that follows, according to Koenigsegg, the customer wanted an Agera that could be as close to a Koenigsegg One:1 in the performance department. This, while retaining the roof window, storable roof and full luggage space. A more practical One:1 from the looks of it. All-in-all, the One of 1 weighs just 1,380 kg and 1,288 kg, dry.

In designing the One of 1, Koenigsegg designers worked directly with the owner to deliver a solution that maintains the roof and luggage space. This, while still keeping it aerodynamic and mighty. Said solution involved customised design, tooling and fabrication of one-off parts that can only be used for this particular One of 1 and can never be duplicated.

Koenigsegg Agera Final One of 1-2

Custom-designed items of the One of 1 include a new One of 1 front splitter, triple winglets on the front bumper, a roof-mounted air intake, a top-mounted rear wing with second blade and a venturi with adjustable winglets. These specific parts were designed using computational fluid dynamics to provide maximum downforce and maintain a functional luggage area at the front.

Apart from that, other custom parts for the exterior include a Koenigsegg shield mesh at the rear, custom badging that can be found on the wing and sides and a 3D-printed twin-exit titanium exhaust with the name “One of 1” imprinted on to it. Inside, there’s a polished aluminium switchgear and more badges.

Koenigsegg Agera Final One of 1-5

Meanwhile, at-cost options are all now standard in the One of 1, as part of the Agera Final programme. These items comprise of Koenigsegg’s lightweight Aircore hollow carbon-fibre wheels (7kg per piece) and a clear carbon finish or partial clear carbon that shows the weave of the Agera’s carbon-fibre body panel.

Powering the Agera Final One of 1 is 5.0 litre twin-turbo V8 that’s capable of 1,360 PS (or precisely one megawatt) and 1,371 Nm of torque – that’s pretty much the One:1’s figures. All Agera Final models will be built for delivery towards the end of 2017, Koenigsegg says and as expected, it’s waving its final goodbye in Geneva right now.