Customers of the ride-sharing service, Uber, may soon be able to pay for rides with cash. Currently only accepting credit cards, the move to welcome cash transactions is expected to grow Uber’s followers, even pinching passengers from rivals Grab.

According to The Star, Uber South Asia communications lead, Karun Aya, explained that his company is aware that Malaysians favour cash payments over cashless ones. “It’s definitely a possibility. It’s one of the 50 other things we’re looking at strongly for Malaysia,” said Karun.

Comparatively, Uber’s fares are far more affordable than those of a regular taxi. Uber X, for example, offers a base price of RM0.95 and RM0.60 per km of travel, and RM0.25 per minute being in the vehicle.

Adversely, a regular taxi charges RM0.25 for just 200 metres of travel and RM0.25 for every 36 seconds you are in the vehicle. Also, there’s the RM3 starting price to factor in.

“You can’t tap into the potential of that market without localising the product for that market,” said Karun, following his reference of how India was also a market that successfully switched to cash payments. When the publication quizzed Karun for when cash payments would take effect in Malaysia, the Uber spokesperson would not say.