Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC boss and brand ambassador to Opel is seen in a new video that promotes the Opel Insignia’s adaptive cruise control (ACC) with automatic brake intervention. The campaign is created by agency Scholz & Friends.

Said system on the Insignia, assists the driver via autonomous follow assist. Like many others that we’ve seen before, the Insignia can autonomously maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, while taking into account the vehicle’s braking and acceleration.

Meanwhile, should the pre-set safety distance be breached, the adaptive cruise control will automatically decelerate the Insignia or even perform an emergency braking to prevent a collision from taking place.

New Insignia campaign

Sitting next to Klopp is German actor, Ken Duken. In the video, Duken asks Klopp whether the system makes the driver redundant, to which Klopp responds, “I still make the decisions.” Which, is of course also a nod to the driver’s position as the Liverpool FC boss. It then ends with the slogan “the decision-maker’s choice.”

“With the autonomous follow assist, Opel once again underscores its commitment to innovative technology, and this is perfectly spotlighted with Jurgen Klopp’s help,” said Opel’s CMO, Tina Muller.

From April onwards other 15-second teasers will be shown online to selected target groups. The teasers will highlight the Opel Insignia’s features in selected European markets. These include the OnStar system, which provides personal connectivity, service and internet connectivity.