Honda ARC Line Thailand 1

Honda has developed the world’s first mass-production automobile assembly line with a main line that incorporates a flowing cell production system. Called the Assembly Revolution Cell (ARC) Line, the new assembly line has already been introduced at Honda’s new Prachinburi plant in Thailand, which became operational in March 2016. The tenth-generation Civic is produced at the plant.

The ARC Line is different from a conventional line production system, and promises significant improvements in production efficiency. In a conventional line, each production associate takes charge of a single process and installs parts to vehicle bodies flowing on a conveyor.

However, in cell production, one production associate takes charge of a broader range of production processes and installs multiple parts instead. In the case of Honda’s ARC Line production, four production associates get on board an ARC Unit, a unit of a conveyor that carries one vehicle body along with a complete set of parts that will be installed to the vehicle body.

Honda ARC Line Thailand 2

The production associates will assemble the vehicle while moving along the production line together with the vehicle. With this system, it reduces any incidental movements by production associates. For instance, selecting the proper parts that will be required for the next vehicle body coming down the line, and installing them while walking along with the vehicle body.

Although these assembly movements are non-essential, they are unavoidable in a conventional production line, hence the introduction of the ARC Line production method. Additionally, as each of the four production associates will be dedicated to installing multiple parts to a vehicle body at a time, it allows for them to gain a broader range of production knowledge and skills compared to installing just one component.

Honda expects the ARC Line system to have a positive effect on the development of proficient production associates who will be capable of providing feedback from the production team to the development team in the future.