Owner of that white Honda Accord stuck in last week’s massive flash flood that hit KL, and other Hondas caught in the sea of brown, take note. Honda Malaysia is having an after sales flood relief programme offering 50% discount on affected genuine parts.

The programme started yesterday and will be in effect till July 10, 2016. Affected customers are required to submit a police report and insurance cover note to Honda authorised dealers within the campaign period.

Of course, it’s only open to cars purchased from official channels (sorry, Accord Euro) and only damaged original factory OEM parts are entitled to replacement part discounts. The discount is also not applicable for claims covered under insurance. The new parts come with a six months or 10,000 km warranty.

The rainy season is ongoing, and should you be unlucky to be caught in a flood, here are a few reminders when the water subsides. Don’t turn on the ignition and don’t try to start your car. Open the door manually and avoid using remote locking (or any other electrical function). Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Make a police report and inform your insurance company before towing the car to the workshop.

Perodua owners, you have assistance too.