During today’s Perodua Bezza media preview, the national carmaker not only revealed the pricing of its first-ever sedan, but also details pertaining to the model’s projected sales breakdown.

According to the company, about 85% of total Bezza registrations will be made up of the 1.3 litre model. It also expects 40% of buyers to choose the top-of-the-line 1.3 Advance variant, which only comes with a four-speed automatic transmission.

However, the main attraction of the 1.3 Advance will undoubtedly be its safety suite – Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), traction control and hill start assist, which adds to the standard two airbags on all variants. The range topper also features a more advanced multimedia system with navigation, Smart Link and reverse camera.

The other 1.3 litre offering is the mid-tier Premium X (labeled in the slides as the SE), which comes in a choice of a five-speed manual or an auto. Unsurprisingly, Perodua expects 42% of buyers to go with the automatic transmission, and just 3% to opt to row their own gears.

Meanwhile, Perodua expects the remaining 15% of Bezza buyers to choose the 1.0 litre model, where only one variant – Standard G – is offered. Transmission-wise, it predicts that just 2% will go the manual route, while 13% will likely go with the automatic.

In a press conference, Perodua Sales managing director Dr. Zahari Husin said the reason for the low projection of the 1.0 litre model is because entry-level buyers also have the Axia to choose from, and those in the market for a sedan might want a larger capacity engine.

Perodua Bezza media preview

As you can tell, Perodua believes that buyers will be strongly enticed by the 1.3 Advance’s safety offerings, exemplified by the 40% coverage of total expected Bezza sales. On the other hand, it expects just 5% of buyers to go with the five-speed manual transmission. However, these figures might change depending on real-world sales figures in the future.

Diving deeper, Perodua also touched upon its target market, which includes first time buyers to additional and replacement car buyers, and low income to middle income groups. As you can tell from the slide, the Perodua sedan has a wide target market.

Finally, in terms of bookings, Perodua is targeting 15,000 bookings on average in the first three months of sales of the Bezza. In terms of registration, it expects to hit 10,000 units monthly average registration in the new model’s first three months, which will then reduce to 7,700 units after.