Not a new model, but a crossover concept based on Indonesia’s most popular car, the Toyota Avanza Veloz Tigre was quite a standout at Toyota’s GIIAS 2016 booth. SUV-inspired styling for humdrum people carriers is in vogue, and the showcar by PT Toyota Astra Motor could perhaps hint at a Honda BR-V rival?

At the very least it offers inspiration for the few Avanza owners that want to beef up their MPV. Tigre means tiger, and the showcar looks rather aggressive, a lot more so than the Avanza Veloz, which is the sportier-faced version of the Avanza facelift. The Veloz’s huge downturned lower grille ‘mouth’ is emphasised here by red paint, which is also used for accents on the sides and rear.

Worked on since March, the Avanza Veloz Tigre wears an all-round bodykit plus body cladding on the lower half of the body, SUV-style. It wouldn’t look this macho if not for the 16-inch wheels as well (15-inch on standard car), which adds slightly to the ground clearance of the RWD MPV. No more chrome and a bigger rear spoiler, too. Like what you see?