The madness that is the Lazareth LM 847 – all 470 hp and 611 Nm torque of it – is not only real, it moves! As shown in the video, the LM 847 is ridden on the roads in its hometown of Annecy, France.

Powered by a Maserati V8 that is the same 32-valve, 4,691 cc unit used in the Maserati Quattroporte and Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, the eight-cylinder mill puts out a claimed 470 hp and 611 Nm of torque. Power gets down to the ground via a single-speed hydraulic coupling.

Unique to the Lazareth LM847 is its four 17-inch wheels, which technically makes it a quad-bike. The leaning front end – designed by TFX Suspension – uses twin swingarms and hub-centre steering.


The swingarms tilt independently of each other, allowing the LM847 to lean into corners. The rear end, also with twin swingarms, has a single inboard damper, and dual drive, letting power get to both wheels.

Braking is with outboard discs on the wheels, as also seen on Buell machines. Grabbed by a pair of eight-piston calipers in front, and Brembo calipers on inboard discs at the rear, the front discs measure a massive 420 mm in diameter.


On the handlebars, the brake levers are set outboard, giving the rider more leverage to bring the massive 400 kg LM847 to a stop. The fuel tank sits in-between the rider’s legs, just behind the V8’s intake manifold.

While the Lazareth doesn’t look very comfortable, nor would it handle high-speed cornering very well, it is, nevertheless, a prime example of motorcycle engineering, and madness. According to Lazareth, the LM 847 is built to order, but we shudder to think what it might cost.