SPIED: Next Audi S7 Sportback seen testing at the Nürburgring – styling drawn from Prologue Concept


The next-generation Audi S7 have been spotted testing at the Nürburgring, the natural habitat for performance models before they are unveiled publicly. Behind the camouflage, the all-new design can be seen to draw influences from the Prologue concept, whilst retaining the sweeping roofline from the current-generation model.

Starting from the front, the signature Audi grille is now larger, taking up more visual width at the front of the car, and like on the Prologue, a slim, wide air inlet beneath it. The headlamp design also draws from the Prologue concept, sporting a more angular, knife-like outline.


Details as to what exactly is under the hood are still scarce. However it can be expected to use a 3.0 litre turbocharged V6 in place of the 4.0 litre biturbo V8 configuration, and produce more than the 450 PS on offer from the current S7. All-wheel-drive is an Audi staple, meaning that you can expect it to feature in the upcoming S7 along with a dual-clutch transmission.

Technological advances specific to the S7 aren’t clear yet, but the advent of new-generation Audis can be expected to herald innovations such as a 48-volt electrical architecture, which can offer electric turbocharging on certain models in the Volkswagen Group – such as on the Audi SQ7 TDI and the Bentley Bentayga Diesel.

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  • Return of Kunta on Sep 23, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    Nobody wants to buy Audi lah. Even in overseas. nama already busuk. Do you know the VW Dieselgate scandal originated in Audi itself?

    Yes, Audi and VW both sama sama one big liar

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  • AutoFrenz (the original) on Sep 23, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    Orang bodoh saja pakai BM, Audi or MB. Pakai lah kereta Proton, lagi bagus. Kereta Proton ada power dan prestige!

    Let us support our own car maker Proton!

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  • Kancil Hybrid on Sep 23, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Belakang macam Perdana.

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