Our Mr. Rendering Theophilus Chin has been on a wagon state of mind lately. Last week, the man rendered a wagon version of the latest 2016 Proton Saga, naming the Skoda-inspired idea Proton Saga Aeroback.

It got us asking the question of a budget station wagon, one that Tan Chong made work in the early 1990s with the Nissan AD Resort. Would such a car be popular today, or does the budget seven-seat MPV render the affordable wagon obsolete in our market? Here’s another proposal from Theo, this time based on the Perodua Bezza.

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Very neatly executed to this amateur pair of eyes, better looking than the Saga Wagon, IMHO. The extension of the Bezza’s roofline and the addition of a set of pillars also seemed to have improved the proportions of the compact sedan, which design is of course limited by the size of the Axia’s platform.

A wagon version of the Bezza would make it a multi-purpose family of four – the compact hatchback (Axia), the booted sedan (Bezza), the super-sized people carrier (Toyota Calya and Daihatsu Sigra in Indonesia) – sharing the same platform. However, we don’t think that this is part of Perodua/Daihatsu’s plans, given the wagon’s limited appeal in these parts.

Interesting, though. So, once again, what do you think of a “Bezza Wagon” and the idea of a cheap wagon?

GALLERY: Perodua Bezza and Perodua Axia