A recall notice dated October 18, 2016, has been issued for Honda Air Blade (K27F) scooters manufactured between July 2013 and July 2016 by official Malaysian distributors for Honda motorcycles, Boon Siew Honda. The recall was issued due to issues concerning the fuel pump.

According to the recall notice, the fuel pump may swell, leading to engine stalling and/or the 125 cc engine of the Honda Air Blade being unable to start or be re-started. The problem is the result of swelling which causes an obstruction in the fuel flow.

The area affected is the clearance space between the fuel pump inlet cover and impeller being obstructed, resulting in either reduced fuel flow, or complete blockage. The recall affects 3,935 units of the Air Blade, with VIN numbers between PMKJF55B0EB000009 and PMKJF55B0EB003943.


Owners of the Honda Air Blade are requested to arrange for an appointment with an authorised Boon Siew Honda authorised dealer for inspection and replacement of the fuel pump assembly. Should the fuel pump require replacement, there will be no charge to the customer for parts and labour.

Further information can be obtained by calling Boon Siew Honda at 1-800-88-3996, or visiting