Tesla recently announced that all its future electric vehicles made from now on would feature the company’s new-generation full self-driving hardware, which allows for up to Level 5 autonomy (fully autonomous driving with zero driver input required).

To showcase just how advanced the new technology is, the company has released this video that shows a Tesla Model X driving itself to a Tesla office, dropping off its passenger, before seeking and parking itself, all without the need for any human interaction.

Along the way, we see the car navigating itself through junctions, intersections, roads, as well as merging onto the motorway. We are also shown what the car’s cameras are seeing at certain times as well.

As a disclaimer, the person in the driver’s seat is only there for legal reasons, and did nothing throughout the car’s autonomous journey. It is certainly an impressive feat, but one that requires a lot of testing, especially in regards to safety, before it can be introduced to the masses.