Hues have been aplenty, but white is more than alright with the buyers, according to paint specialist group PPG, who found that 38% of cars sold last year were finished in white, up from 35% the year before. Black came in second with 16% of the share, while silver held 12% and grey took 10%.

The strongest fans of the colour white were from Asia Pacific, with the shade accounting for 47%, leading other colours by a larger margin than in other charted regions, while the next most popular colours for Asia Pacific were black (14%), natural (11%), silver (10%) and red (7%). The colour white also topped the North American region with a 25% share, while in South America it was 37%, and in Europe, 33%.

“Although white dominates vehicle colour globally, there is more variety in colour preferences by market and vehicle type,” said Jane Harrington, manager for colour styling at PPG.

“For example, in North America, silver is the leading colour for compact vehicles, while black is preferred for sports cars. Metallic colours are popular with American and European men, while women from those markets prefer pearlescent effects on their cars,” she said.

In the immediate future, PPG says it expects to see an increase in the presence of blue. The company says that it has been seeing a three percent increase in the colour on luxury, mid-sized and compact cars for the 2017-2018 model years.

The paint specialist also notes that blue was a very noticeable colour over the last three years at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, citing the Porsche 911 Targa in 2014, the Ford GT, Mustang, Focus and Fusion as examples in 2015, and the Buick Avista concept at the last Detroit show.