Samsung SDI, the Korean company’s renewable energy and energy storage system division that supplies batteries to carmakers like BMW, have introduced a high-energy density battery cell of the next generation at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The next-generation battery technology is claimed to provide up to 600 km of range, and is scheduled to enter mass production in 2021. Aside from the impressive range, a 20 min charge is all you need to regain a driving range of up to 500 km, or 80% of the battery’s maximum capacity.

Samsung SDI believes that rather than fitting cars with additional battery cells, which adds to the vehicle’s weight, fast charging technology and the improved energy density will help alleviate range anxiety among potential and current electric vehicle (EV) adopters.

The company also unveiled a new “integrated battery module” concept, which has double the number of cells (24) and capacity (6-8 kWh) of a conventional EV battery module, while featuring increased safety levels and a lighter weight due to fewer components.

Also on show was Samsung’s improved “21700” cylindrical battery cell model that boasts improved energy density, power and performance. The name is a reference to the 21 mm diameter and 70 mm length of the shotgun shell-shaped unit, although Tesla has gotten rid of the trailing ‘0’ on its “2170” battery cells it makes at the Gigafactory.