The burgeoning luxury electric vehicle market, already packed by the likes of Tesla, Faraday Future and Lucid Motors, is set to grow by one with the entry of the Hybrid Kinetic Group. The Hong Kong-based company is debuting at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show its first model, the H600 concept sedan – it’s designed by Pininfarina, which has teased the car ahead of the show.

According to the Italian design house, the H600 is a luxury sedan with “new energy propulsion” that is both elegant and comfortable. The sole teaser image shows just the bootlid with a full-width tail light bordered in chrome, and the HKG badge sitting in the centre. Taking into account the carrozzeria‘s steeped history in designing stylish vehicles for the wealthy, we’d expect its latest creation to be just the same.

Unfamiliar with HKG? So are we, but the company claims that it is known for the “development, manufacturing and marketing of new energy vehicles and their key components comprising energy battery, electric motor and electric control system.” It’s certainly ambitious, as it plans to bring “revolutionary changes” to the automotive industry.