It is, perhaps a natural step in any car model’s progression – first, the all-new model arrives, and then follows the tweaked, refined and sportier-tuned variant.

Where the DB11 boasts outputs of 600 hp and 700 Nm from its now-turbocharged, 5.2 litre V12 engine, the upcoming S variant spotted is expected to build upon those figures – gains upwards of 30 hp are expected, along with an unspecified increase in torque.

As visible in these spy images, the sportier model – rumoured to gain the ‘S’ moniker – also wears mildly revised bodywork. In front, the bumper sports a deeper, lower splitter to better craft airflow for increased downforce, while the flanks just ahead of the front doors appear to wear modified outlets, relative to the standard model.

Around the back, the sportier test mule wears a rear bumper with an altogether more aggressive diffuser treatment, and as seen in images above, contrasts with a standard DB11 parked alongside.

Behind the standard DB11 wheels, the test mule’s brakes also appear similar to the 400 mm disc/six-piston calliper front and 360 mm disc/four-piston calliper rear items from the standard car, though given the uprated engine’s performance, the brakes and chassis of the eventual production model could also be fortified.

In its parked state, the test mule here also appears to have to lower ride height compared to that of the standard DB11; this could indicate revised spring and/or damper settings for this sportier variant. The interior of the test mule has also been photographed; the changes from the standard car (testing equipment aside) aren’t apparent, save for a racing bucket seat for the driver; a new seat design could follow.