The next-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been spotted testing in various states of disguise, and in addition to the mainstream models, there will apparently be a Mercedes-AMG A 40 model to be positioned in between the standard range and the full-on AMG models.

On the outside, this alleged A 40 test mule features additional air intakes on its front bumper compared to the standard A-Class spotted earlier, while the multi-spoke wheels on this example spotted here cover a larger set of brakes with drilled brake discs.

Around the back, the rear bumper plays host to a pair of exhaust outlets, which according to our spy photographers, have a deeper exhaust sound coming from them compared to other A-Class test mules observed before. Inside, as spotted earlier, the cabin is set to receive widescreen cockpit instrumentation as adapted from its larger brethren.

With this being the appetiser to the full AMG dish served on the MFA2 platter, the A 40’s exterior treatments should be mild compared to the ones applied to the A 45 that is also to come. It all points toward the performance potential under their respective hoods; the A 40 is expected to crank out around 340 to 350 hp as a rival to the Audi S3, while the full-house A 45 replacement is expected to exceed the 400 hp mark.

GALLERY: W176 Mercedes-AMG A 45