The “WannaCry” ransomware cyberattack that started and spread fast last Friday has affected many organisations across Europe, from UK’s National Health Service to the Russian Interior Ministry. Carmakers have not been spared, and those affected include alliance partners Renault and Nissan, which had to halt production at factories.

“We have been affected. Work is going on since last night. We are doing what is needed to counter this attack,” a Renault spokesman told AFP.

Production was halted in Slovenia after computers at Renault’s subsidiary Revoz in Novo Mesto were affected, a spokesman told the newswire. “We can confirm that on Friday, May 12, some problems occurred on certain parts of Revoz’s information system that led to the halting of production during the night,” the rep said. The Slovenian plant produces the Renault Twingo (pic above) and Clio hatchbacks.

“Proactive measures have been put in place, including the temporarily suspension of industrial activity at some sites,” she said, adding that production remained suspended on Saturday. While the spokesman declined to list down all affected sites, Renault’s plant at Sandouville in north-west France was one of the factories that stopped production. That plant makes the Trafic van and its rebadged sisters.

“The problems were mainly related to France where some of Renault’s factories also faced a malfunctioning of certain parts of its information system,” the spokesman revealed.

The French carmaker later said that 90% of its factories were running normally on Monday morning after it had earlier halted production at sites in France and Romania to prevent the spread of the virus.

Nissan’s large facility in Sunderland, UK, has also been affected. “Like many organisations, our UK plant was subject to a ransomware attack affecting some of our systems on Friday evening. Our teams are working to resolve the issue,” a spokesman said, without confirming media reports that production at the plant was halted.

Renault’s local rival PSA Group was not affected, a spokesman from the maker of Peugeot and Citroen said.