For those looking to modify their Ferrari 488 GTB and 488 Spider with aftermarket parts, Novitec has unveiled its N-Largo tuning package for the two-seaters, which should help you stand out from the crowd.

On the exterior, Novitec has fitted the N-Largo widebody kit, increasing the rear width of the hardtop and convertible by 140 mm. To go along with that, there’s also wider front and rear arches, along with larger wheel wells and wheel arch liners.

This is necessary to accommodate the 21- (front) and 22-inch NF6 NL forged alloy wheels, shod with 335/25 high-performance tyres. Novitec also notes the changes to the car’s body (including all those slats) aren’t just for the eyes, as they help improve aerodynamics and cooling.

You’ll need all that cooling because part of the N-Largo tuning package involves a pair of plug-and-play control modules for the 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8. These, along with a performance exhaust (available in lightweight Iconel), help boost power to 772 hp and 892 Nm. By comparison, the standard car makes 661 hp and 760 Nm.

Performance gains include a quicker zero to 100 km/h time – 2.8 seconds compared to three seconds – as well as a higher top speed (341 km/h vs 330 km/h). Thankfully, that new front bumper and spoiler help to reduce lift and increase stability at high speeds, with the rear diffuser and wing providing all-important downforce.

To give it an even sportier stance, Novitec has installed new springs that reduces the ride height by 35 mm. Those concerned about scrapping the front end on a pebble can specify a front lift system that is activated with a push of a button.

No mention of pricing, but expect to pay a pretty penny for not just the increased performance but exclusivity as well. Novitec will apparently build just 11 modified 488 GTBs and 11 488 Spiders to the full N-Largo specification.