The new D5 Audi A8 will employ a 48-volt mild hybrid system as standard on both diesel and petrol variants, according to a report by Automotive News Europe. The carmaker’s flagship sedan, which is said to debut sometime in July, will feature the technology in an effort to improve fuel economy and lower emissions.

The 48-volt setup includes a 48-volt lithium-ion battery along with a belt-driven alternator/starter, where the latter recovers energy during braking and stores it in the battery. Audi says the recuperated energy stored in the battery can provide additional power of up to 12 kilowatts and 60 Nm of torque for a certain duration.

Aside from the 48-volt electrical system, a separate 12-volt battery will be used to power the vehicle’s lights, air-conditioning, engine control unit and a separate starter for cold starts.

In the A8, the 48-volt system can help reduce fuel consumption when the engine restarts after coasting. The carmaker notes that the sedan is capable of coasting for up to 45 seconds with the engine turned off at speeds between 30 km/h and 160 km/h. When the driver accelerates again, the alternator/starter revs up the engine to the target speed.

The A8’s drive management system also taps into the car’s various sensors, cameras and onboard systems to ensure the best possible efficiency, whether it is recovery of energy during deceleration or coasting.

Future Audi models like the new generations of the A7 and A6 will also get the tech, revealed Audi’s head of mild hybrid systems, Alexander Kruse. This could help reduce the fuel consumption of a V6 petrol engine by as much as 0.7 litres per 100 km following the NEDC.

Meanwhile, smaller models will not get a 48-volt lithium ion battery but will instead have a lighter, more conventional battery, which will limit the amount and duration of additional power it can provide to assist the engine.

Other fuel-saving technologies currently being developed by Audi include an improved cylinder-on-demand system for its V6 and V8 engines, along with additional compressed natural gas (CNG) g-tron models.

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