After a second assessment, the Ford Mustang has received a bump to its Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) safety rating, earning three stars instead of just two at the start of the year. According to the assessment programme, the Mustang’s new results is largely due to the availability of additional safety features.

This includes Ford’s Pre-Collision Assist (with pedestrian detection, forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking) and Lane Keeping Aid, which are now standard for Mustangs sold in Europe. The front airbag restraint system has also been revised to prevent it from bottoming out during deployment.

Structurally, the 2018 Mustang is identical to the last car tested, so the latest assessment uses the crash test results from the 2017 model year vehicle. Therefore, in the adult occupant test, the 2018 Mustang retains its score of 72%, along with 32% in the child occupant test.

Meanwhile, in the pedestrian protection test, the Mustang scored 78% from the previous 64%. The new safety features also help increase its score in the safety assist test, now at 61% instead of a dismal 16% before. “It is good to see that after 20 years Euro NCAP’s call for safety improvement still strikes a chord with responsible companies like Ford,” said Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP secretary general.

“While a three-star rating is unexceptional, the updates Ford have introduced have not only made Mustang’s safety better in key areas but also show that the company cares about its customers and safety reputation,” he adds.