Motorists who have recently attempted to renew their road tax might be aware of a shortage of road tax discs preventing them from getting the deed done. The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has acknowledged the matter and issued a press release to explain the situation.

According to JPJ, the road tax disc (or sticker) supply disruption was caused by problems with the printer, which had trouble printing the serial number and security features on the disc. The malfunction was caused by a failure of a main component of the printer, which needs repair work from the principal. JPJ has demanded a detailed report from the road tax disc supplier on the matter for further action.

The department said that “drastic action” has been taken by the supplier to resume the supply of 50,000 pieces of the road tax disc to JPJ per day. To ease the shortage, JPJ and its supplier has dispatched 20,000 pieces to JPJ Selangor. Also, 20,000 pieces have been sent to JPJ Wilayah Persekutuan, 40,000 pieces to Pos Malaysia and 5,000 pieces to MyEG.