In June this year, TVR confirmed it will mark its comeback with a new sports car, which is set to make its debut at Goodwood Revival in September. Now, the company is revealing another piece of the T37 (the car’s internal codename) puzzle, with this image of the car’s interior.

What you’re looking at here is the car’s manual gear lever, confirming the Cosworth-developed 5.0 litre V8 will be paired with a manual transmission. “On the 70th birthday of our marque, we are entering a new era with a precisely engineered car that delivers exhilarating performance on road and track, as well as everything discerning customers expect of a car intended for everyday use,” said Les Edgar, chairman of TVR.

We also get to see the knurled knobs that control certain functions like the car’s air-conditioning as well as some attractive switches for other functions of the car. Beyond that, TVR isn’t saying anything more than what has been said in the past.

The new TVR will use Gordon Murray Design’s iStream Carbon manufacturing process, which includes carbon-fibre (or glass-reinforced plastic) panels fused to a tubular steel frame. The iStream process is said to quicken the process manufacturing a monocoque, and keep costs down.

Rumoured figures include a V8 output of about 486 hp, a vehicle weight of 1,200 kg and power-to-weight ratio of 405 hp per tonne. Should that last bit turn out to be true, it will be the highest of any vehicle in its class, beating out the even Porsche 911 Turbo S and Jaguar F-Type SVR.