Woven carbon-fibre wheels are now available as an option on the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive – itself a more lavishly equipped version of the 911 Turbo S. The optional wheel is manufactured entirely from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, which amounts to a weight saving of 8.5 kg over the standard 911 Turbo wheels.

Aside from a 20% reduction in weight, the wheel is also 20% stronger. Reduced unsprung weight of course has myriad benefits – lower rotating masses and therefore inertia offers better response in acceleration and braking.

The CFRP wheel is made up of two main components – the wheel centre is made from carbon-fibre fabric, which is cut and then assembled from 200 individual components, while the second component is the rim base, which is built from braided carbon-fibre by a braiding machine spanning a diameter of nine metres – currently the largest of its kind.

After which, the wheel centre is braided into the rim base, and then the assembled item is impregnated with resin and pre-hardened at high temperature. The wheel is then hardened at high temperatures followed by a long cooling process before the central lock is inserted, and then the wheel is coated with a clear protective lacquer.

The braiding technology, which Porsche says it is the first in the global automotive industry to use, offers advantages over the more conventional pre-impregnated carbon-fibre fabric manufacturing techniques (commonly known as ‘pre-preg’) by increasing rigidity, thanks to a denser and more compact material structure.

Each wheel constructed this way utilises a total of 18 km of carbon-fibre, or eight square metres of carbon-fibre fabric, says Porsche. These woven carbon-fibre wheels will be optionally available on the 911 Turbo S Exclusive from the beginning of next year, in dimensions measuring 9J x 20 inches for the front, and 11.5J x 20 inches for the rear, priced at EUR 15,232 (RM76,891) including VAT in its native Germany.

Carbon-fibre wheels have made appearances in the automotive OEM world before – the Koenigsegg One:1 and the Regera come factory-equipped with them, while Australian supplier Carbon Revolution outfits the Ford Mustang GT350R with carbon-fibre wheels.