The Lexus CT 200h is pretty much a forgotten model in today’s SUV crazy car market, but that’s not a disaster because the hybrid hatchback has been around since 2011 after all.

In June this year, the CT received a model year change that brought minor styling revisions emphasising on sportiness. The car you see here takes things up a few notches in that regard.

If it looks rather aggressive and unbecoming of a clean hybrid hatchback, that’s because this is a TRD job on top of the already sportier F Sport variant of the CT 200h. The dark chrome spindle grille and ‘whiskers’, plus the fake air intakes housing fog lamps are standard on the F Sport. This TRD car adds on a front lip and side skirts – both can be had in either black (below) or white (above).

It’s at the back that the changes are more obvious. Those bumper cutouts are F Sport items, but TRD has added on a large diffuser section between them. While the standard CT 200h doesn’t come with visible tail pipes (as expected for a hybrid), the TRD kit goes all the way with four pipes, two on each side. Yes, four. Again, the diffuser can be had in black or white.

There’s also a more protruding tailgate spoiler and extra trim above the tail lamps. The latter could be inspired by human eyebrows and can be had in black or white. A set of good-looking multi-spoke alloys round up the exterior changes. Unseen are the cross-bracing and aero-enhancing parts on the underbody.

While the TRD makeover is slightly (OK, very) OTT for such a non-sporting car, it looks kind of decent, no? Maybe two pipes instead of four. Forgive the Ah Beng in me speaking – he’s dormant 98% of the time.

GALLERY: 2017 Lexus CT 200h