The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will not issue parking summonses to motorists within its area of jurisdiction, if there are no parking coupon agents or parking machines in the vicinity. In a report by The Star, MBPJ communications officer Hasbullah Juyahir said the council was aware that not all areas within Petaling Jaya have retail places selling the parking coupons or functioning coin machines.

“The park-and-display coupon system is being introduced in stages and we have 16 shops selling them. For now, we will not issue summonses in areas where there are no coupon agents or parking machines,” he said.

Hasbullah also clarified the reason why MBPJ appointed coupon agents outside the city, stating that some of the parking agents registered their businesses outside Petaling Jaya, in Shah Alam, Puchong and Semenyih.

“These agents have their office registered in places like Shah Alam. However, they were appointed to engage with smaller agents in Petaling Jaya to sell the coupons,” he explained. The public has questioned the rationale of appointing parking coupon agents outside Petaling Jaya, leaving some busy commercial areas like PJ New Town, Section 14 and SS2 without an agent.

Currently, there are 16 agents appointed for distribution of the parking coupon booklets to shops. The parking coupons come in three varieties – an hourly coupon booklet costing RM6 comprising 10 coupons at RM0.60 each, a daily coupon booklet priced at RM25 with five coupons at RM5 each, and a monthly pass at RM100.