Remember five years ago when a certain China carmaker announced that it was ready to unveil a Ford F-150 clone? Well, it looks like another copycat has sprung to the fore, only this time looking more audacious than the last.

Reports from China reveal that the maker of this F-150 Raptor-inspired pick-up truck is called Projen, a subsidiary of Lifan, whose name boldly dominates the front and rear section of the vehicle. Up front, it’s obvious where the design inspiration comes from, with the headlamps taken straight off the 13th-generation Ford F-150 and the blacked-out hexagonal grille from the Raptor.

Other familiar items include silver skid plate and side steps, big wheels wrapped with meaty tyres and tailgate design. Even the tail lamps bear great resemblance to the Raptor (and to a certain extent, the Mitsubishi Triton). The only thing Projen doesn’t have access to is Ford’s range of powertrains, but word is its “Raptor” copy may benefit from a 2.5 litre turbodiesel engine.

As for the original copier JAC, Ford managed to stifle production by securing design patents of the Raptor in China, effectively preventing it from seeing the light of day. At the time, the Raptor was still based on the 12th-generation F-150.