With the Proton-Geely FSP now in full effect, Geely suppliers will soon set up operations here in Malaysia. This will undoubtedly result in competition with local suppliers, but it is something that is being welcomed by Yoshiya Inamori, vice president of manufacturing at Proton.

“When Geely comes in, I want to ask more competition for the Geely cars, because when Geely cars come here from China, it means Geely suppliers now come into competition to produce in Malaysia,” he said during an interview.

“I think therefore (in) the future, I need to ask the Malaysian supplier to be competitive (against the) Chinese supplier, and I think in order to become a global player as Proton and suppliers in Malaysia, such competition is good for both Proton and suppliers,” he added.

Inamori also stressed on the importance of quality, cost and delivery (QCD). “If they want to survive, the QCD must be competitive. It’s not only in China, but Russia, and anywhere in the world. If (they are) not competitive, they cannot survive,” he explained.

Working together with suppliers is of course, an important step, and Proton will meet with them to help discuss ways to reduce costs. This initiative involves preparing an action plan to lower costs by 30%, as highlighted by Li Chunrong, CEO of Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn Bhd (PONSB), in the past.