Nissan is recalling 320,000 vehicles in its native Japan for a potential short circuit and consequently, a fire hazard due to defective coating in an electronic power unit, according to Reuters. This recall involves six models from the Japanese manufacturer, including the Serena as well as vans and MPVs built for Suzuki and Mitsubishi produced between February 2010 and September 2014.

Eight incidences of fire resulted from the defect, according to Reuters‘ findings from the Japanese transport ministry. This situation does not affect vehicles sold outside Japan, according to a Nissan spokesperson.

Earlier this year, Nissan halted production of its vehicles for the Japanese market due to misconduct in the inspection processes for said models. Nissan resumed Japanese market production of its vehicles less than a month after the suspension which affected six of its production plants, though not before production figures for October sustained a 55% year-on-year decrease.