Here’s a very different kind of tit for tat. Bernama reports that Singapore will remove toll charges for all vehicles entering the republic via the Woodlands checkpoint from February 1. Charges for vehicles leaving the country to Malaysia from that exit will be reduced, according to the republic’s Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The LTA said the development is in response to Malaysia’s recent removal of toll charges at the Eastern Dispersal Link. “This is in line with Singapore’s long-standing policy of matching Malaysia’s toll rates,” it said.

Current toll charges for vehicles entering Singapore via Woodlands are S$2.70 (RM8.10) for cars, S$4 (RM12) for vans and light goods vehicles, S$5.30 (RM15.90) for heavy goods vehicles, S$1.40 (RM4.30) for taxis and S$2.20 (RM6.60) for buses.

From February 1, cars leaving Singapore via Woodlands will be charged S$1 (RM3), vans/light goods vehicles S$1.50 (RM4.50), heavy goods vehicles S$2 (RM6), taxis S$0.50 (RM1.50) and buses S$0.80 (RM2.40). Motorcycles enter and exit freely without charge. The new exit charges are much lower than the current rates, which have been in place since October 2014 – see the table above.

There will be no changes to the toll rates at the Tuas checkpoint, though. There, motorcycles are charged S$0.50 (RM1.50), cars S$3.20 (RM9.60), vans/light goods vehicles S$7.40 (RM22.20), heavy goods vehicles S$14.70 (RM44.10), taxis S$2.50 (RM7.50) and buses S$3.90 (RM11.70).