As of last month, Touch ‘n Go (TNG) revealed that more than 200,000 motorists had registered for its radio-frequency identification (RFID) electronic toll collection system, which is still running trials in its public pilot project phase.

With installation now having been opened to walk-in customers, more motorists are signing up, and an expanding user base also means that the number of motorists switching cars will eventually rise, with some already starting as early as now.

An example of this is Hafriz Shah, who was one of the first pilot testers in the country. He has sold off his Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and that means he can no longer utilise the RFID tag attached to it. That’s because the system’s sticker-based passive tag is permanently fixed to a vehicle, and is uniquely identified to it – it can’t come along with a user should he/she sell the car, unlike a SmartTag reader.

Users need to be aware of this if they decide to sell off their vehicle. You’ll need to terminate the association with the particular RFID tag on your car, because if not, the toll fare will be deducted from your TNG eWallet account even though the toll usage is made by the new owner. Likewise, if the car is stolen, of course (duh!). There’s no compensation for deducted toll fare if a customer has failed to terminate his/her RFID tag.

The only way to do this is by calling TnG Careline – there’s no online method or doing so through the eWallet app. The reason is security – verbal verification of the user’s identity needs to be established in order to complete the termination process.

Here’s how it works. Call the Careline at 03-27148888, cycle through the automated response and press #4 for RFID related matters, where you’ll be transferred to a TNG personnel. The termination process involves disclosing a user’s full name, MyKad number, phone number, the registration plate number of the associated vehicle and the available eWallet balance.

Hafriz says that the whole process takes under five minutes to accomplish. To verify that the tag termination has been completed, all you have to do is check your eWallet app to see if the car has been removed from your wallet. You can then register for a new RFID tag with your next car.

A point to note. Those buying a used car with a RFID tag still attached to it won’t be able to use that exact tag, because TnG says the old tag will need to be removed and a new one installed when a fresh registration of the vehicle is entered into the system.