Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s (MBM) presentation of its 2017 performance results today ended with a short video clip teasing something along EQ lines this year.

With pure electric series offerings for the brand’s intelligent electric mobility solution still being a distance away, the teaser should be intimating at a focus on growing public perception and awareness of the company’s plug-in hybrids, accomplished via the new EQ Power spin-off of its new electric sub-brand.

Last year, reports indicated that the automaker was set to have its standard plug-in hybrids placed under an EQ Power umbrella, while Mercedes-AMG hybrids were to get an EQ Power + designation. The badging for both broke cover in Frankfurt last year, that for regulation EQ Power being seen on the likes of the GLC F-Cell and S 560 e plug-in hybrid, and that with the plus suffix on the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

It’s not yet exactly known how the EQ push will be propagated or promoted here, but it will definitely involve the C 350 e and E 350 e hybrids initially, and then the expected S 560 e variant of the S-Class facelift when that one makes its long-anticipated debut sometime in the middle of the year – there may also be the possibility of the GLC 350 e making its way here.

Whatever it is, it’s clear that the move to differentiate and delineate its hybrids from the rest of the product portfolio looks to be starting, and we’ll find out soon enough how it shapes up.