This may look like any other G01 BMW X3, but our spy photographers are adamant that this is actually the test mule for the iX3, BMW’s next all-electric vehicle. And if you look closely at the details, you’ll notice that something is indeed afoot.

Aside from the “Electric Test Vehicle” sticker being the most obvious telltale sign, this prototype is also missing an exhaust pipe of any kind, whereas all regular X3 models get twin pipes as standard. A large battery pack can also be seen peeking out from under the car, plus a charging port on the left fender. There’s still a fuel filler flap on the rear right, however, so it’s possible this is still using the standard X3 body.

Munich has already confirmed that an all-electric version of the X3 will go to market next year, with a MINI EV – based on the standard three-door hatch – following suit in 2020. The expected use of the iX3 badge, derived from BMW’s recent trademarking of badges iX1 to iX9, suggest that electric BMW vehicles will clearly be based on standard models, rather than being a standalone vehicle like the i3.

This goes against industry peers like Mercedes-Benz and Audi, which will market their electric vehicles under the EQ and e-tron monikers respectively. Jaguar is also building a dedicated EV in the form of the I-Pace, a crossover poised to take on the iX3.

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