There’s no doubting that Mercedes-Benz is going great guns globally, because the numbers tell the whole story – last month, the automaker achieved its 60th consecutive month of record sales, making it five years that it has delivered more vehicles worldwide than in the prior-year month.

A total of 163,580 cars were handed over in February to customers, and worldwide growth amounted to 6.3%. Sales were particularly successful in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the three countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) region, namely the US, Canada and Mexico.

In Europe, more vehicles were sold last month than ever before in a February, the continent seeing 63,593 new customers, a 1.8% increase. In Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and Poland, the company said that new records were set in January, then bettered in February.

In the Asia-Pacific region, sales rose by 12.9% to a new high of 65,691 vehicles sold. China led the way, with 43,036 vehicles sold (+18.6%), while sales also grew in markets such as South Korea (+8.5%) and India (+25.7%). Interestingly, it was revealed that sales went up by 32.1% in Malaysia, so it looks like Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is on track to report very positive Q1 results ahead of its push to eclipse its record-breaking 2017 in terms of sales.

The company also delivered more vehicles than ever before in a February in the NAFTA region, with a total of 29,934 units sold (+2.4%). In the US, 24,760 vehicles were delivered last month, making for a marginal 1.0% jump, but Canada(+5.2%) and Mexico (+22.1%) recorded the best increase in percentage terms.

The automaker also reported that the W213 E-Class Saloon and Estate were among the shiniest stars for the brand. Last month, 25,781 of those models were sold, more than ever before in a February (+9.1%). The high number of deliveries is mainly due to strong demand for the two models in their biggest market, which is China.

Sales of the facelifted W222 S-Class also set a record last month, with the 6,010 units shifted – mainly in China and the US – surpassing that for the prior-year month by 28.8%. The automaker also reported that although the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class was approaching its model change (the updated 2018 Maybach S-Class was just announced), the old car continued to perform well, posting a new sales record last month.

Mercedes-Benz’s SUVs also did very well for the brand, setting a new sales record of 59,807 units sold in February, an increase of 13.9% over the same month in 2017. The GLC was a strong performer in particular, with it sales increasing by 36.8%, though more GLA, GLC Coupé and G-Class units were also shifted on a year-on-year basis.