You’ve seen the V12-engined Supra, now here’s one more Nineties Japanese performance icon at the other end of the tuning scale – a completely factory-standard Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R with 10 km on its odometer, and will be awaiting the hammer by BH Auction at the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 12 next year.

Z-Tune notwithstanding, this particular R34 is one from the end of the model’s lifecycle, a V-Spec II Nür which was limited to a production run of just 1,000 units. Power comes from a 2.6 litre RB26DETT twin-turbo inline-six engine producing 280 PS, though that figure was certainly more representative of the gentleman’s agreement between manufacturers not to publish any greater figure, rather than a cap on actual output.

That claimed output figure was the same as when the R34 GT-R made its debut in 1999, though mechanical updates for improved durability featured in the N1 engine which is used in this V-Spec II Nür, including thicker cylinder walls, improved water channels, upgraded oil pump and water pump as well as stronger and better balanced connecting rods.

This engine, identifiable by its gold cam covers, also gained exhaust manifolds and turbochargers with higher flow rates for greater power and torque, while the turbochargers now contained steel turbines instead of the ceramic items in the original specification, which were lighter and thus more responsive, but also weaker and more brittle in high-power applications.

The V-Spec II Nür wears a carbon-fibre bonnet for reduced weight over its front axle, and is also specified with stiffer suspension for improved chassis responses as well as larger Brembo brakes for better deceleration. Interior changes specific to the V-Spec II Nür are minimal, such as the iridium-coloured trims.

Its mileage of an indicated 10 km is either a lottery find or gross under-utilisation, depending on one’s perspective. The price for the rarity that is this unmolested Japanese performance icon would be in the ballpark of 25 million to 30 million Japanese Yen (RM906,787 to RM1,088,144). Your take, dear readers? A Gran Turismo legend, or something more modern instead?

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