Whilst awaiting homologation and market launch of Thailand’s GPX Racing‘s range of sub-200 cc motorcycles in Malaysia, paultan.org visited the 2018 Bangkok Motor Show and took some photos of three models. Set to be launched locally soon, these are the Ducati Panigale look-a-like Demon 150-GR, the Demon 150-GN naked sports and the retro-styled Gentleman 200.

Built to cash in on the current trend for retro cafe racers, the Gentleman 200 carries a 197 cc, four-stroke, air- and oil-cooled single-cylinder mill. GPX Racing did not supply any numbers for the engine, but a figure of 20 hp and 18 Nm or so of torque would not be out of the question.

Fuelling is by carburettor, which is understandable given the budget nature of the Gentleman 200, but it does come shod in Pirelli rubber. Upside-down telescopic forks are used in front, with a monoshock in the rear, and braking is done using twin hydraulic discs on the spoked front wheel.

With styling cues reminiscent of the Ducati Scrambler, the Gentleman 200 sports a Clubman seat, with the rear cowl removable to allow for pillion seating. The cockpit is graced with flat handlebars, and a single gauge contains all the necessary readouts.

As for GPX Racing’s 150 cc bikes, the Demon 150GR and 150GN models, power comes from a 150 cc, air-cooled, cylinder engine. Of note is the styling of the Demon 150GR, which has a nose very closely resembling Ducati’s Panigale superbike.

From our conversation with GPX Racing’s Malaysia distributor, Bike Continent, pricing for the 2018 GPX Racing Gentleman 200 is said to be around RM11,000 while the Demon 150GN will retail for around RM8,000. However, final pricing can only be determined after approval from the authorities is obtained.

GALLERY: GPX Racing Demon 150GR

GALLERY: GPX Racing Demon 150GN

GALLERY: GPX Racing Gentleman 200