In July 2016, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) released tender results for the F number plate series, where the coveted ‘F 1’ plate went to the Sultan of Johor, DYMM Sultan Ibrahim for the sum of RM836,660. That’s quite a bit of money, and those two characters are worth quite a bit in the United Kingdom too, it seems.

In 2008, Afzal Khan broke a broke a British record when he bought the 109-year-old ‘F 1’ for 440,000 British pounds (RM2.4 million following today’s exchange rate) from the Essex County Council. At the time, it was used by then chairman Gerard McEwen on a Volvo S80, but it now appears to be used on a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Carbon Edition.

Khan had since been offered six million pounds (about RM33 million) for his prized plate, and even advertised it on RegTransfers in 2014 for a whopping 10,009,995 British pounds (about RM57 million).

Now, the owner of the ‘F 1’ plate is listed it for sale once again on RegTransfers, but now for an eye-watering 12,009,995 British pounds (about RM65.5 million), before taxes. Should a deal be reached, the plate would be the most expensive one ever sold in the UK, eclipsing ’25 O’, which sold for 518,480 British pounds (about RM2.8 million) in 2014. Yes, the plate did end up on a Ferrari, a 250 GT SWB at that time.

In case you’re wondering where Khan gets his money from, the British automotive designer is the founder of the Kahn group of companies, which include Kahn Design, the Chelsea Truck Company and Project Khan. You may have seen some of his products in the past like the Vengeance and other modified luxury cars.