Proton dealers were taken on a trip to China recently, where they got a chance to visit a Lynk & Co “lifestyle store” dealership in Shanghai. It was an eye-opening experience for the dealers, as the outlet wasn’t just a regular car showroom, just like how Geely’s new brand isn’t a conventional one.

“This is totally a new concept of a dealer outlet. Never looking like an automobile outlet, instead it looks more like a lifestyle store. The outside of the building is totally interesting, and wait till you get inside, even more surprising,” said Azizulmu’min Mohd Hussain Malim of Rohamas Corporation.

“Just like walking into a boutique in a mall – it is the same feeling. It does not just shout about the cars, but what is in the store to be explored. It does not just focus on the cars, but the kind of lifestyle it brings by owning a Lynk & Co. It is about the association with the brand, and not the brand itself. Truly forward, smart and refreshing. If this concept is brought over here in Malaysia, I bet it will be a crowd puller,” he added.

“Walk-in, and there is the coffee area, with a range of ribbon-coloured lollipops with the word Lynk & Co engraved unto it. Opposite this is the merchandise area, where there are shirts, caps and other merchandise to look at, or just to purchase as souvenirs. Not only that, it also has the coffee area, kids area and a comfortable lounge area where customers can relax and be pampered while waiting for their cars to be serviced,” the Proton dealer described.

Lynk & Co isn’t just about selling cars, as observed by Louis Ng Boon Cheng of NHL Automobil. “This is a true business strategy at work, no longer about the hard selling of cars. It is all about concept selling and design, and the creation of a trend by owning a Lynk & Co car. I truly look forward to the same concept being copied here in Malaysia,” he said.

“The showroom bring about a different feeling compared to other brands in the market. A relax and cheerful atmosphere as well as digital corner bring about a difference to customers’ feelings, especially when they step-into the showroom. With spacious waiting area and comfortable café, this make customers feel excited and valued when they walk in,” observed Razali Ahmad of Erakars.

“The easy set up and non-cluttered way of presenting the cars in the showroom is also a big plus. Kids would love the ambience and the space is good for small talks amongst adults over a good cup of coffee, to just relax and not feeling hurried while waiting for car to be serviced,” he added.

What’s the latest on the funky new brand? Last month, Lynk & Co revealed a new model called the 02, its third product after the 01 SUV and 03 sedan.

GALLERY: Lynk & Co 02