Volkswagen continues its tease of features that will go into the all-new, 2019 Touareg, with the highlight of the SUV’s Night Vision system. This comprises a thermal imaging camera to assist in conditions of poor visibility, and can detect objects between 10 and 130 metres ahead of the vehicle, according to Volkswagen.

The thermal (infrared) imaging camera can register objects such as standing, non-concealed pedestrians, cyclists and larger wild animals. The system determines if these objects are about to reach a defined corridor due to their path of travel, and the Touareg driver is alerted via the digital instrument panel ahead of him or her.

Objects detected which are outside what the system considers to be the risk corridor will be represented on-screen in yellow within the black-and-white image, and if objects cross the pre-determined boundaries the yellow figures become red. If the Night Vision display isn’t showing on the panel, it will automatically switch on when danger is detected and at speeds above 50 km/h.

Below 50 km/h, a red warning signal within the instrument panel illuminates without triggering the active display. An acoustic warning is sounded together with the red signal, and the braking system is set up to immediately provide the strongest deceleration, in other words full braking.

The 2019 Touareg sits on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB Evo platform which underpins the likes of the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley Bentayga, and a 367 PS plug-in hybrid version made possible by the architecture will be introduced after the petrol and diesel models.

These will include a pair of turbodiesels producing 231 PS and 286 PS each, while a 340 PS turbo petrol V6 and a 421 PS V8 turbodiesel will be bound for selected markets.

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