Tesla Model X

It appears that Tesla’s plans to produce the new Model Y by 2019 will be pushed back a year later to 2020. According to Auto Express, company CEO Elon Musk revealed that the new SUV will only arrive in early 2020, saying that production for the Model Y “would start around 24 months from now.”

This is on the back of a heated investor’s earnings call, during which the firm posted a quarterly loss (Q1 2018) of US$784.6 million (RM3.091 billion). That’s the highest ever loss per quarter for Tesla.

As for the Model Y, the SUV will share the same underpinnings as the Model 3. This means the duo could share the same electric drive powertrain as well, and Tesla has already promised all-wheel-drive and performance versions of the SUV.

Range-wise, expect it to match the Model 3 – the entry-level Tesla can be had in 350-km Standard and 500-km Long Range flavours, both featuring an electric motor for the rear axle. An all-wheel-drive option will be made available in the future, with an electric motor mounted on the front axle.

Tesla Model 3

The Model Y will slot below the Model X and is part of Tesla’s second ‘Master Plan’, which will facilitate the expansion of the company’s current product line-up with the second-generation Roadster, all-electric pick-up and a full-sized Tesla Semi truck. The SUV will be produced in Fremont, California.

Auto Express also reported that Tesla plans on making an electric minibus (or MPV), a project revealed by Musk himself at the Master Plan conference. Apparently, several Tweets have stated that the new “high passenger density urban transport” vehicle is in the pipeline and will be built on the Model X chassis. Musk also said “people density potential is surprisingly high,” although exactly how many people the vehicle can accommodate remains unknown for now.

The British publication said the people carrier is expected to share the same electric drivetrains as the Model X, featuring both two- and four-wheel drive versions. It may even get the same tablet-style portrait touchscreen infotainment system on the dash, as well as the Autopilot autonomous driving system.