There are more than 28 million vehicles registered with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) across the country, but the department says that less than 70% of these are fully road legal, Bernama reports.

According to deputy director general of planning/operations Datuk Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman, out of the total, only 19 million vehicle owners have been actively renewing their road tax and vehicle insurance every year. “The rest who own vehicles do not renew their road tax and vehicle insurance,” he said

He said that the department had in March last year attempted to get vehicle owners to renew their insurance and road tax with an ‘offer’ that allowed defaulters whose road tax expiry was not more than three years to go through the normal process.

The exercise – which has received the support and cooperation from insurance companies – is apparently on again and runs until June 30. The department said that vehicle renewals can be made at any state JPJ office.