Vietnam’s VinFast appoints Thai and German partners – plans sedan, SUV and EV city car for production

Vietnam’s VinFast appoints Thai and German partners – plans sedan, SUV and EV city car for production

VinFast Manufacturing and Trading, a member of VinGroup, has entered into a joint venture with AAPICO Hitech for automobile body stamping and welding in Vietnam, while also partnering German engineering group EDAG as the overall development partner for the first electric vehicle to enter the Vietnamese market.

“We are proud that VinFast has chosen to appoint us as the overall engineering partner to work on their trendsetting electric vehicle project. Our all-round skills in vehicle and production plant development coupled with our expertise in the fields of eMobility, car IT and electrics/electronics inspired the confidence of our customer VinFast,” said CEO of the EDAG Group Cosimo De Carlo.

“Our standing as an independent engineering service provider with international experience predestines us to go new ways at high technical levels and turn innovative concepts into marketable products,” De Carlo said. Details of the planned models have yet to surface, however a sedan and an SUV has been slated, and the images of the city car point to an EV either A- or B-segment in size.

Meanwhile, AAPICO will be responsible for project management, which includes manufacturing technologies, factory design, and equipment installment. VinFast will provide the factory location and to facilitate the best possible conditions for operations, according to Viet Nam News.

Vietnam’s VinFast appoints Thai and German partners – plans sedan, SUV and EV city car for production

“With this cooperation model, we believe that there will be many domestic and foreign enterprises involved in the supporting industry in Vietnam. This will be an important step in creating a complete and synchronous ecosystem for the Vietnamese automobile manufacturing industry,” said vice president and CEO of VinGroup Nguyen Viet Quang.

AAPICO is among the leading manufacturers for automotive components in Thailand, with networks in India, Europe, the United States, Mexico and China. Its key customers include Isuzu, Nissan, Ford, Honda and Mitsubishi. The auto components manufacturer paid US$100 million (RM399 million) for a 25.1% stake in the Sakhti Automotive Group from India in order to increase global production capacity, Viet Nam News said.

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  • donno on Jun 13, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    EDAG was the engineering and styling partner for Proton during the Proton Waja development. The Proton Waja styling was greatly inspired by the Volkswagen Bora.

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  • Meanwhile, lousy Proton selling 12 years old Honda Accord as it’s new Perdana.

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    • Rajoo Selvam on Jun 13, 2018 at 7:55 pm

      eh…change boat? Last time sapot proton maximum… kutuk Proton maximum….ha ha ha ha

      lalang oh lalang

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      • So free to reply own dupe ke? Nobody coming into ur Toyota showroom again?

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    • Meanwhile P1 is selling real car, while this is just an art sketch.

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  • Dun worry, we hv draftman from Perodua can fight with the above competitor.

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  • Honda not allow Proton to chg interior design and engine. You dunno?

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