The Lamborghini Aventador has been recalled over concerns that it would stall without warning under “certain driving conditions.” According to CarAdvice, if the condition occurs, Lamborghini says the servo steering and brake booster functionalities may be compromised, creating a potentially hazardous sitaution to the driver and other motorists.

All versions of the Italian supercar are affected, including the SV and newer S models. Special editions like the Pirelli and Anniversario are also involved in the recall, whereas internationally, it extends to the Veneno and Centenario, both of which are based on the Aventador.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by Automobili Lamborghini SpA. An engine software upgrade will be arranged to rectify the issue. As it is, over 7,000 units of the Aventador have been produced (as of February 2017), and it’s unclear how many local Aventadors are affected as yet.

This however, is not the first mass recall by Lamborghini – in February 2017, the Italian carmaker recalled every unit of the Veneno and 5,900 units of the Aventador over a faulty fuel system that could result in a fire breaking out.